Tweak by Nic Sheff

tweakI recently read Tweak, and was very impressed with the courage of Nic Sheff to share his story about his chronic drug use and his struggle with addiction. The most important concept to take away from the book in my opinion is that addiction can affect anyone. Nic Sheff is intelligent, talented, good looking, and comes from a fairly well known and well off family. An addict is not a bad person, but rather a person that succumbs to bad choices through their dependence on drugs. Addicts may experience relapses, where they feel they have regained control of themselves and therefore believe they are strong enough to get high just once without it becoming a problem. Or they have a depressed mood and feel perhaps they should go back to using, because they remember the instant gratification that usually accompany the addict’s first experiences with drugs. Another interesting thing about this story, is you can hear it from both sides of the situation. Nic Sheff’s father wrote a novel called Beautiful Boy where he discusses the experiences of Nic's family while Nic was in the throws of his addiction.



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